Vodka? Da!

April 27, 2010 (Day 87) — Moscow Mule

Man, I’m tired. I spent all of my day out in the sun helping one of our agronomists check fields. And by help, I mean I got in his way for the entire day and shot a lot of cool photos. Thanks again Bryan!

So, as I’m somewhat sunburned and way tired, I wanted something simple for tonight’s drink. And, of course, something that could be made with what I have on hand. So, tonight, I settled on the Moscow Mule — a simple, tasty classic cocktail.

There’s an abundance of Moscow Mule recipes out there, but I settled on one of the most popular and simple. Vodka. Ginger beer. Lime

2 oz vodka (Cîroc)

1/2 lime

Top with ginger beer

Now, technically you’re supposed to mix a Moscow Mule in a copper cup. Unfortunately, I’m not a 19th Century prospector, so I didn’t have a copper cup on hand. Instead, I used my glass coffee glasses.

Moscow Mule (left) and Bloody Mule (right)

The drink on the right is tomorrow’s night featured drink. It was Jenn’s own take on the Moscow Mule.

The Moscow Mule is a very inoffensive, yet tasty cocktail with a few basic ingredients. The ginger beer offers a punch to the smoothness of the vodka, and lime plays well with the ginger beer.

Simple and good. Who could ask for anything more?


— Mark


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