Shark Bite

April 18, 2010 (Day 78) — Shark Bite

(Note: I apologize for Saturday night’s post not going live yet. I had motorcycle training yesterday and today. By the time I got home last night, I was too exhausted to post anything. It will be up tomorrow with Monday’s. But for for now: Sunday!)

And so it is, I’m on the road again. This time I’m in Hutchinson, Kan. to speak at the Kansas Associated Collegiate Press conference about “life after journalism.”

But, just because I’m on the road doesn’t mean I should deprive you fine people of a daily cocktail. Besides, I’ve come to enjoy my chats with bartenders around the Midwest. Each one I’ve spoken to so far has had at least one drink they’ve made up. And I’m more than happy to help spread the good word of booze.

This image added to break up blocks of text. Cheers!

Tonight, I stopped by the Grand Slam Sports Cafe in Hutchinson, the bar attached to the Grand Prairie Hotel and Convention Center. Guess where the conference is being held.

So, after getting up at 5:45 this morning, driving a motorcycle for six hours, then driving another three to Hutchinson, I sidled up to the relatively empty bar. I was pleased to see a former professor of mine, unfortunately I was so flippin’ tired I skipped out on too much socializing.

I asked my bartender — Mike — to make me something original. Something that he’s come up with. He was more than happy to oblige, and whipped up the Shark Bite.

1/2 part Absolut Mandrin

1/2 part Absolut Raspberri

1/2 part Absolut Citron

1/2 part mango rum

1 part blue curacao

Dash grenadine

Fill a pint glass with ice, pour grenadine over the ice until it settles to the bottom. Mix the other ingredients in a separate cocktail shaker. Pour our mixture over the top of the grenadine, for the perfect separation of colors. Add a straw.


Unfortunately, my cell phone had died on the way to Hutchinson, so I wasn’t able to shoot a photo of the drink itself. I had to wait until my phone had charged enough to shoot a photo of my doodle of the drink. I really wish I had my camera, however, as this was a very very pretty drink. Neon pretty.

So, how did it taste? Kudos, Mike. This is a great tropical foofy drink. To me, it tastes almost like a cold, liquefied gummy bear. If that sounds gross, trust me, it isn’t.

If you prefer something with a bit more bite, the Shark Bite probably isn’t for you. But if you like a sweeter drink with a nice mix of flavored vodkas and enough of an oomph to taste like a cocktail, the Shark Bite is a safe bet.

And if you’re going through Hutchinson, stop by Grand Slam Sports Cafe and give Mike a shoutout for a killer edition to Cocktails, 365.


— Mark


  1. Mike the Bartender says:

    Add O.J. to the liqours.. Must of forgot to tell you that part!!

    • vierthalerphotography says:

      Mike! Sorry about that! Thanks for the input and thanks again for letting me pick your brain the other night! Keep up the good work.

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