Wild Irish Rose

April 9, 2010 (Day 69) — Wild Irish Rose

I don’t know why, but the name of this cocktail reminds me of some sort of country song. “Ramblin’ Rose” maybe? “Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town”?

Or something by Kenny Rogers at least. Odd. He doesn't LOOK like a country singer...

You’d think, considering I grew up in Dodge City, Kansas — the Queen of the Cowtowns — that I’d know my country music a bit better. Not so much the case. I’m kind of a hipster. God forbid.

Even more so, you wouldn’t think that an IRISH WHISKEY -based drink would make me think of American music. But, ah well. I didn’t start this blog to become a music critic. I started this blog to DRINK! And, theoretically at least, tell you fine, fine people what drinks are worth trying and what should be tossed to the bum in the alley.

Only... you know... Hopefully a BIT more classy.

Back to the cocktail. This beautiful spring Friday evening, I will be making the Wild Irish Rose — a spring-like drink with it’s main base as Irish whiskey, which you can always count on for it’s smoky taste.

Just to be clear, this shouldn’t be confused with the Bum Wine, Wild Irish Rose. Which I’m frightened to try. Check out the rest of the Bum Wine site if you get a chance. It’s… scary.

The Wild Irish Rose:

2 oz Irish whiskey

3/4 oz lemon juice

1/2 oz grenadine

2 oz soda water

Pour ingredients into a rocks glass half-filled with ice and stir delicately.

It's not a bad "hang out on the porch" drink.

This is good, if not odd. The citrus of the lemon and sweetness of the grenadine helps mellow out the bite of the Irish whiskey. However, I tend to like my whiskey with mixers that have the same “darkness.” In my mind, things like lemon and grenadine are right at home with vodka or gin, but not so much with bourbon, Irish whiskey, or scotch. Usually, things like cola and brown sugar lend themselves well to the whiskey family.

And yet, this works. It’s certainly not something that I would advise everyone to drop everything to try now. But, I have to imagine it’s better than bum wine. Because, honestly, it’s not too shabby.


— Mark

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