Happy Easter!

April 4, 2010 (Day 64) — Raspberry Spritzer

Happy Easter, everyone! Jenn and I have split our time between our two families, which means we’ve indulged in two way WAY too heavy meals. I’m feeling a bit sluggish this evening, I’ve got an entire basket of Easter candy calling my name and some Corner Gas on the television. There’s a serious danger of me falling asleep right here and now, so why not finish up my Easter drinks with something clean and crisp to cut through all the ham and chocolate.


This evening, I will be taking part in a black raspberry spritzer. Now, quite a few spritzers have white wine in them, however as I only have red wine in my rack currently, I decided to fudge the recipe a little bit and make my own version of the spritzer. There’s not much alcohol in this cocktail, so you dont need to worry about one of these pushing you over the edge after a long night of hard drinking.

Black Raspberry Spritzer

2 oz black raspberry liqueur

1/2 lemon, freshly squeezed

Ginger ale

Pour your liqueur and lemon juice into a rocks glass and mix well. Top with ginger ale.

How Miami 1980s

The initial taste is quite pleasant. However, the aftertaste isn’t very good at all. I would liken it to stale raspberry fruit snacks that have fermented in the back of your car during the summer. What? I’m alone in having tasted that? Ah well. That’s whole reason you put the white wine in there, to take away from that odd after taste of the liqueur.

Good. Not great. Move on to the next.

Oh. And…

Happy Easter!

— Mark

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