Easter Drinks: Part Two

March 31, 2010 (Day 60) — The Easter Bunny

Sometimes, you come across a recipe that sounds just completely horrific that you have to try it. Something sickly sweet, that just by reading the recipe your teeth start to ache. Some kind of cocktail that is nothing but the syrupy sweetness of a Cadbury Egg.


Such was the case of the mysterious “Easter Bunny” cocktail. Vodka. Creme de cacao. Cherry brandy. Chocolate syrup.

Jenn sent it to me as a joke. I took it as a challenge. It’s about to get real up in this bitch.

2 oz vodka

2 oz creme de cacao

1 tsp cherry brandy

1 tsp chocolate syrup

Mix the vodka and creme in a cocktail glass, pour into a rocks glass with ice.

Promising so far...

Float the cherry brandy and chocolate syrup on top.

Sounds gross, no? Look at the proportions again. This is a chocolate martini. With a dash of cherry brandy. And honestly, not enough of a dash to really make much of a difference.

I mean, honestly? It’s a chocolate martini. That’s it. It’s good. But it’s not nearly the freak fest I as hoping for. Other than the chocolate syrup on the top looks…. like worms.

The horror....

I tried mixing it together to make it a bit more attractive for the presentation. That didn’t help. All that happened was the chocolate syrup got all busted up and sank to the bottom of the glass. Like so!


So, it’s certainly a fine enough drink. But, if you’re ranking these drinks not only on taste, but also on presentation, then the presentation kills the taste. Simply go with a chocolate martini. It’ll look prettier and you’ll get essentially the same taste.


— Mark

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