Sushi in Texas

March 23, 2010 (Day 52) — Geisha Tea

I’m on the road again for work. This time I’m down in Amarillo, Texas. Now, the last time I was in Amarillo was either my freshman or sophomore year of high school (I can’t remember which). I was an orchestra geek back in the day — can I get a “what what” from all my cellists? There was some sort of regional orchestra competitions/performance type thingy. I honestly, don’t remember. At an rate, suffice it to say I didn’t really see much of the town.

But! Surprsingly enough, I did find a sushi bar/Japanese steakhouse just a block away from my hotel. On the interstate. Now, I know what you’re saying: “Mark? Seriously? Interstate sushi? Not safe!”

Interstate Sushi

But I beg to differ. I’ve had some really good sushi in some surprising places. And I figure, if I can’t trust gigantic sign telling me “Kabuki Romanza” then well… I’m through with trusting people.

Kabuki Romanza in Amarillo, Tey-has

Now, I didn’t try the “steakhouse” bit of it, as most steakhouses — while good — tend to be pretty westernized. Not that the spider roll that I had at the sushi bar was that much more authentic. But! The fatty tuna nigiri I had was quite excellent. And of course, when I’m the road, I have to ask about the speciality. Here, one of the house cocktails was a sake-based martini called the Geisha Tea. The bartender was nice enough to share her recipe with me.

1 oz bourbon

1 oz sake

1 oz sweet and sour

Peachtree schnapps (dash)

Shake, and present.

Geisha Tea

The bartender told me that she’s had people come in and adjust the mixture to their tastes, so you shouldn’t be wary of playing around with it.

So, how was it? Quite good. The bourbon actually is more of an after thought in this drink, adding just a liiiitle bit of it’s sweetness to the freshness of the sake and the sweet and sour. Coupled with some nigiri sushi, it was excellent. If you’re every going through Amarillo, Texas along I-40, stop in at Kabuki Romanza.

A very deep thanks to the bartender and owners who made me feel very welcome while I was there.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Have a Geisha Tea for me!


— Mark

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