The Kiss Leads To…

March 21, 2010 (Day 50) — After Midnight

One thing that’s been fun as I’ve progressed in this blog (Almost two months! Only 10 to go!) is learning enough about drinks and flavors to start trying your hand at inventing cocktails. Now, that’s a dangerous statement to make, if only because that old adage of “nothing new under the sun” still rings true. Just because I sat down and created this concoction doesn’t mean that someone else, somewhere else, at some other time hasn’t written this recipe down.

Kinda like this photo. I shot it, but I'm sure someone else has shot something similar.

So, leading off from last night’s Goodnight Kiss, we have the After Midnight

2 oz Campari

2 oz grapefruit juice

2 oz blueberry pomegranate juice

1 oz grenadine

Ginger ale

Mix your juices and Campar in a cocktail shaker and pour into a highball glass filled with ice. Top with ginger. Mix gently, sip.

It has a very pleasant bitterness underlying the fruit in the drink. This would make an excellent brunch drink, or something as a hangover “hair of the dog.”


— Mark


  1. […] far, I’ve already made three other cocktails with Campari, including one original. But, I’m always eager to try something new and unique. So this afternoon, I turned to my […]

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