Goodnight Kiss

March 20, 2010 (Day 49) — Goodnight Kiss

It’s late. I’m tired. We’ve painted our living room and KU is out of March Madness.

I’ll make it short. I’ll leave you with a Goodnight Kiss.

1 cube of sugar

1 drop angostura bitters

1 dash Campari


Place your sugar cube in the bottom of your champagne flute. Place a drop of the bitters on the sugar. Let sit and soak. Then the dash of Campari. Top with with your champagne. Don’t mix, just let the bubbles bring the flavors up to the top.

Goodnight Kiss

It has a very delicate flavor. The small traces of Campari and bitters add an almost floral hint of bitter sweetness to the dryness of the champagne. The sugar keeps the two bitters at bay, with making some sugary concotion that would fit in at a sorority party. This is a very pretty, very classy drink.

Goodnight, readers.


— Mark


  1. […] far, I’ve already made three other cocktails with Campari, including one original. But, I’m always eager to try something new […]

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