Special – Fauxjito

So, I realize this is going to throw off my count, kinda sorta. But, I didn’t feel right making another Fauxjito (Thanks to cousin Alicia for the name, friend Lee for the drink!) and calling it one among the 365 cocktails. After all, I already did a Fauxjito, and as I’ve mentioned before, there are countless ways you can make these drinks. So, it would be cheating if I just made small iterations of each one. So, long winded story short, considering this a little a “brunch” cocktail of sorts. Not because you can drink it with bacon and eggs (you could), but rather because it’s not an “official” 365 drink.

Think of it as an addendum to my first one.

Fauxjito, by Lee G.

“Unless fresh grown, mint is usually not a staple in a Dodge City bar. So I used what I had on hand one night. One would have to play with the ratios, but I used white creme de menthe, light rum, lime juice, sugar, and club soda. The creme de menthe must be used sparingly as the mint is more of an afterthought to this drink, otherwise it ends up like a Rum Stinger. One would just want to soak the sugar with it in the bottom of the glass before adding ice. Or, better yet, shake the creme de menthe over ice and then discard it to where the ice is just barely coated.”

I did just that. I shook a dash of creme de menthe over the ice, discarded the liqueur, then used the ice for my Fauxjito.

  • 4 oz rum
  • 1/2 fresh lime, squeezed
  • Top with club soda

It was quite good. Better than a pre-made mix, but still not as good as taking the time muddle fresh mint leaves. So there you have it!

Thanks to Lee for a somewhat from scratch Fauxjito!

— Cheers!

Mark V.

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