Mojito (Fake)

March 14, 2010 (Day 43) — Mojito (Fake)

Okay, I’m violating one my cardinal rules for the second night in a row. I’m using a pre-mixed cocktail. Just add booze!


Why am I violating my code of “only fresh ingredients?” Well, my parents were nice enough to give Jenn and I some Stirring’s Mojito mix that had been languishing in their cabinet for over a year. And, every once in a while, if you’re inclined to be lazy, it’s nice to be… well… lazy.

And for a mix, it’s pretty decent. I’ll keep it short, because the point of this blog isn’t to endorse products, but rather talk about the tastes of various drinks. Since this one wasn’t made from scratch, I’ll simply say that one part rum to two parts of the mix and two parts club soda is decent enough.

Not as good as the real thing of course.


— Mark


  1. From my Cowtown days, I created a “Faux-jito” that you may have the ingredients for.
    Unless fresh grown, mint is usually not a staple in a Dodge City bar. So I used what I had on hand one night. One would have to play with the ratios, but I used white creme de menthe, light rum, lime juice, sugar, and club soda. The creme de menthe must be used sparingly as the mint is more of an afterthought to this drink, otherwise it ends up like a Rum Stinger. One would just want to soak the sugar with it in the bottom of the glass before adding ice. Or, better yet, shake the creme de menthe over ice and then discard it to where the ice is just barely coated. Try that for a round two and see what happens!


  1. […] like I promised last time when I made a Fauxjito, I’m making this delicious Cuban cocktail from scratch, muddled mint leaves and everything. […]

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