February 08, 2010 (Day 9) — Iceberg Maybe peppermint schnapps in an aquired taste. Perhaps it just takes time to identify the subtle nuances of the liquor, learning the ins and outs of the various complexities of the flavors. I hope that’s the case, and there’s a flavor to it other than “mouthwash.” Okay, that’s […]


February 07, 2010 (Day 8 ) — Toasted What would drinking be without throwing the odd shot into the mix? And since it’s Super Bowl Sunday — traditionally a day of revelation, even though none of my teams made it — we figured this would be the perfect time to bust out a shot recipe […]

Midnight Snowstorm

February 06, 2010 (Day 7) — Midnight Snowstorm Sometimes, complexity is the enemy of the cocktail. If you have too many flavors lumped into one glass, you could face a confused boozehound. For example: Should I be focusing on the fruitiness of the gin? Or the overpowering taste of the syrup? Why is that muddled raspberry drowning […]

Northern Lights

February 05, 2010 (Day 6) — Northern Lights Schnapps has never really been something that’s shown up in my liquor cabinet. Ever, really. To me, schnapps smacks of high school booze parties, getting wasted out in the country and trying to figure out who was sober enough to drive back into town without killing anyone […]

White Ape

February 04, 2010 (Day 5) — White Ape The first thing Jenn said this morning when I told her my planned cocktail for tonight was, and I quote, “Lazy.” My defense: I was adventurous yesterday. If there’s one thing I’m not, that’s adventurous two days in a row. That’s simply improper! A true gentleman daren’t push himself beyond […]

Ramos Gin Fizz

February 03, 2010 (Day 4) — Ramos Gin Fizz Raw eggs are standard for a countless number of dishes (caesar salad), sauces (hollandaise), and drinks (eggnog). And since I don’t have any rum on hand, I’m going to try my hand at a Ramos Gin Fizz. But first! A word of warning from the New […]

Blimey! Revisited

So, I guess it takes a mature guy to admit when perhaps his experiences are more limited than they should be when it comes to the realm of mixology. I gave a not-so-pleasant review of the Blimey! in yesterday’s blog. And I stand by it (seriously… gross). But, my friend Lee, who is an ACTUAL […]


February 02, 2010 (Day 3) — Blimey! Blimey! If I’m thick as mince, then I’m all mouth and no trousers! Spotted dick. … My deepest apologies to my English bretheren. That was unbelievably offensive, and I throw myself upon your mercies. Eh, chaps? OK… now I’m done. And yes, I realize scotch is from Scotland […]

Basil Refresher

February 01, 2010 (Day 2) — Basil Refresher Ahhhh, summer. Scantily clad co-eds. Watermelon. BBQs. Freezing drizzle. Ooooookay… so it’s not quite the dog days of summer. By any stretch of the imagination, really. But, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a slice of summer with this cocktail. So lock yourself in the bathroom, turn the shower […]