Blimey! Revisited

So, I guess it takes a mature guy to admit when perhaps his experiences are more limited than they should be when it comes to the realm of mixology. I gave a not-so-pleasant review of the Blimey! in yesterday’s blog. And I stand by it (seriously… gross).

Limecat does not approve of lime in his scotch.

But, my friend Lee, who is an ACTUAL bartender, had this to offer:

“Interesting idea, but I think I see the problem. You rarely see scotch shaken. I think that does something to it. Now I have seen guys drink their scotch with a twist, so the lime isn’t totally out of place, maybe just play with the proportions a little and to hell with Bond — make it stirred not shaken. Orange seems to go with whiskey well, why not scotch whiskey? Maybe try a flamed orange peel on top.”

Touché, Lee! I think of an Old-Fashioned and how it never really seemed out of place to have that orange in there. I guess in my mind, I never really associated scotch with any sort of twist. Will I be trying it again? Not the same recipe… But I suppose I shouldn’t rule out in citrus in my scotch entirely, just yet.

— Mark


  1. All that being said, I think we are both purist when it comes to scotch, and especially single malts which should wear nothing but a few cubes of ice and a drop or two of water. If citrus is to be experimented with again, blended will suffice. I applaud the creativity!

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