Blast From the Past

March 29, 2010 (Day 58) — Royal

My cousin Lee (holla!) came across an old cocktail book a while back and asked if I was interested in having it. Considering my love of history, old books and cocktails, it made perfect sense for me to answer “Hell yes!”

Booze recipes from 1936!

There are some way ,way cool old cocktails that I’ve never even heard of listed in this book. There’s a drink in here called the Sherry and Egg. The ingredients? Sherry and an egg. That’s it. Period. Amen. It was printed in 1936, which makes it even cooler.

Complete with respectful, culturally sensitive illustrations!

So, I randomly sifted through the book and landed on a drink called the Royal.

2 oz cherry brandy

2 oz gin

2 oz dry vermouth

Mix in a cocktail shaker, pour into a chilled martini glass and garnish with one maraschino cherry. It’s good. The smell is horrific. Take a deep whiff, and you’re pretty sure you’ll be nursing a hangover the next day. But then again, this is from the ’30s. What was the point of drinking back then if NOT to get completely gooned.

It’s good. It’s very sweet, almost like a cherry coke. The juniper and herbals of the gin is bolstered by the cherry brandy and vermouth. This is a keeper. Just warned, once you get to the booze-soaked cherries, they pack one hell of a punch.

The Royal


— Mark

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